The Software Engineering Research Foundation was founded to help fund research in the area of Software Engineering. Our goal is to advance software engineering technology by fostering innovative basic and applied research. Our goal also is to help foster new research opportunities to influence directions in Software Engineering. We will support a community of researchers and welcome individuals and businesses to become involved in the research process. We also support the education of the next generation of software researchers and practitioners, providing a community in which students pursuing a Ph.D. or Masters degree in Software Engineering can participate.

Graduate Student Research Scholarship Award

12/5//2016 Award Recipient

Snehitha Kodali
CPS 610
Computer Science Department
Central Michigan University


Undergraduate Student Research Scholarship Award

4/29/2015 Award Recipients

SERF 2015

Andrew Moubray, Central Michigan University
Tyler Danner, Central Michigan University
Harry Sellars, Central Michigan University
Jason Litchfield, Central Michigan University

12/11/2014 Award Recipients

Michael Wayman, Central Michigan University
Sean Mead, Central Michigan University
Nick Arnold, Central Michigan University


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